New State Mobile 15000+1800 NC (Global)

NPR 6,400.00

  • Delivery Mode: UDimension Account
  • Delivery Time: Instant



New State NC top up could be used to purchase weapon skins, character outfits as well as other premium in-game items. You can even get the game’s battle pass which helps you level up faster through various rewards and experiences.


If you’re new to New State, you’re probably looking for some tips and tricks to get through the game in a breeze, right? Well, we’re here to provide you with some tips and tricks to help! The easiest way is to buy New State NC for your game, but you already knew that.

Firstly, make sure you communicate well with your teammates, even if you’re playing with strangers. The key to winning is forming bonds and giving heads up to each other in order to eliminate enemies, especially in team modes.

Secondly, the Training Grounds should be your best friend. Especially if you’re new to the game and are still unfamiliar with its mechanics and how to approach certain situations. Train until you are familiarized with the weapons and can react quickly.

Lastly, plan your landing. If you decide to land in populated areas, be on high alert as things can go south real quick. Make sure to grab some loot or gear and get out. If you land in less populated areas, figure out where to get your loot and gear but stay lowkey.

How to redeem New State NC?


  1. After purchasing the New State NC top up:
  2. Head over to the New State website here.
  3. Click on Redeem.
  4. Enter your Coupon Code and Account ID.
  5. Click on Redeem and you’re done.


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