Apex Legends Mobile 2150 Syndicate Gold (US)

NPR 2,700.00

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1. This Product apply only for (US) Region.
2.Any form of refunds and exchanges are not accepted here at UDimension.
3. Customers are recommended to check again whether they have chosen the product from the correct region.
4. Once the code is delivered to the user, the responsibility of the code’s validity is not with UDimension.
5. There will be a 1-year period of validity for the Syndicate Gold Codes.

About Apex Legends Mobile

Live like a hero, play like a Legend! Apex Legends™ Mobile is here.

The battlefield awaits you with multiplayer squads, first-person and third-person shooter gameplay, and innovative combat! You must survive no matter what! Prove that you have what it takes to make it out alive.

Legends from all corners of the Frontier have flocked to compete in the Apex Games for fame, fortune, and glory. Choose your Legend from a diverse lineup of outlaws, soldiers, misfits, and misanthropes. Legends such as Wraith, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, and Lifeline await. Strategy is key while making your selection. Find a hero that matches your play style, customize them with unique skins, and leave your mark.

Fast-paced innovative combat with shorter matches and more exhilarating action! Squad up with two other players and combine your skill sets to create the ultimate team. Battle against 19 other squads in 60-person battle royale games.

Master your legend’s abilities and make strategic calls as chaos ensues. Combat comes with new, innovative features such as Jumpmaster Deployments to create epic flights—and fights.

How to top up Apex Legends Mobile Syndicate Gold?

1. Create an account at https://redeem.meplay.com, or log into your account if you have one.
2. Enter your Apex Legends Mobile Player ID.
3. To locate your ID, first click on your profile avatar on the top-left and look at “Profile”. Your ID will be located there.
4. After logging in your credentials, head over to the “Redeem code” page and enter the code you’ve purchased. Once you enter and redeem the code, the Syndicate Gold will be added to your account.


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